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  • 5 Min With Ryderwear Athlete: Alicia Marie


    There is so much more to Ryderwear Athlete Alicia Marie than super hot abs and gravity defying booty. But don't take our word for it, spend 5min getting to know this savvy, hilarious and creative woman!  Continue reading

  • The 10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At The Gym

    The 10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At The Gym

    Yes, everyone is as unique as a pretty, pretty snowflake. Unless they're in the gym... once someone steps foot on a gym floor they magically become one of these 10 people below. Which one are you?  Continue reading

  • Making Moderation Your Bestie



    Have you ever eaten a whole pie? Like, actually eaten a whole blueberry pie by yourself, watching 2000s Chocolat starring Johnny Depp? I have. Oh, I have!

    Even if you’re not guilty of eating a whole pie to yourself, one thing I have learned is we will always be teaching and re-teaching ourselves how to use moderation for as long as we live. We are in a constant ebb and flow of learning lessons, breaking rules and resetting limits. Though when you’re in the flow of tightening ‘dem bootstraps and using self-control, I have some quick tips and tricks that will make moderation seem less of a big scary boss we need to work against and reveal it as a handy helpful tool we can stick in our toolbox to use on a regular basis!

    Just maybe not when Johnny Depp is starring in a movie about desserts… Continue reading

  • Food Trends to Keep or Kick in 2017

    Food Trends


    I will be the first to admit, I love a good food trend. Whether it’s to eat or to laugh at, I can’t get enough of them moon-dried Himalayan salt soaked kale chips served on reclaimed wood spritzed with artisan sweet chilies and laid out in a perfectly instagramable flat-lay. *I’ll let you decide if I like to laugh at or eat this one (or both!). It’s both.

    Some of these trends are worth no more than their 15min of fame (if that) while others are worth keeping around. Here are my top KEEPS and KICKS from 2016’s food trends. Continue reading

  • Gym Kit Sidekicks


    Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.45.06 pm

    Every superhero needs a strong sidekick. Can you imagine Batman without the support of plucky, tenacious Robin? Your gym gear is pretty much the same way. Well… okay, it may not be EXACTLY the same as this, but there are for sure a few essential gym-kit accessories I think everyone needs to have handy.

    From basic to a little unconventional, here are my must-have gym accessories!

    Continue reading

  • Squat It Like It’s Hot


    Squats could very well be the holy grail of all exercises. Though some may tote a different exercise as more important, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t recognize squats are a must-have in any workout routine.

    But don’t take my word for it. Wait… do take my word for it! Though, first I’ve got some cold hard facts to back up why, if you’re not squatting already, you should be. Continue reading

  • Choosing a CrossFit Box: 10 Signs to Look for When Touring

    pic1You've got the lingo down - you know that EMOM and WOD translates to a challenge you're psyched to tackle. 

    Kettlebells, rope climbs, and clean sweeps? Sounds like your idea of a fun Saturday.

    If you're ready to pull the trigger on a CrossFit membership, here are the ten things you should look for before signing on the dotted line:

    Continue reading

  • The History Behind Chai (AU)

    image02If anything can give the Pumpkin Spice Latte a run for its money, we’d place our bets on chai tea.

    A blend of black tea and aromatic spices brewed in warm milk, chai has roots that reach as far back as the first Ayurvedic healers. Even now, it remains a favourite in India and around the world.

    Learn more about the complicated history of chai - and why you should start drinking this perfect cuppa to gain extraordinary health benefits: Continue reading

  • Incorporating Balance Into Your Workout for Optimum Core Strength

    image03A strong core helps you maintain balance - and protect your lower back - while you crush it all day long.

    And while there’s plenty of ways to incorporate balance into your workout - think Bosu and stability balls - there’s no need to make it so complicated.

    All you need to whittle your middle is a kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells - if you’re brave enough.

    Learn how stability work can help you feel more centred and strengthen your entire body -

    then follow along with our top five crunch-free moves for sculpting your core: Continue reading

  • 10 Surprising Ways Going Vegan Benefits the Planet

    image03Most vegetarians and vegans choose their lifestyle for ethical reasons - they object to the treatment of animals bred for food (and for good reason!).

    But did you know that giving up meat and dairy could be a superhero move for the planet, too?

    From industrial farm waste to higher healthcare premiums, eating meat has hidden costs at almost every turn.

    Here are 10 unexpected ways going vegan can save the planet - will it be enough to convince you to make the switch?

    Continue reading

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